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Family Law FAQ

Tustin area residents come to family law attorney Susan Kowalski with a variety of questions. Our job is to provide not only answers, but also the legal help they need to move on with their lives.

Will my divorce go to trial?

Not necessarily. Mediation is preferred. It allows spouses to work out their disagreements in a more cooperative setting without placing the children in the middle of their disputes. Negotiations can also help set the tone for the lives of everyone after the divorce is finalized.

How is child custody and child support determined?

Any decisions involving children of divorce must be made in their best interests. They too are casualties of a failed marriage and are entitled to the peace of mind that comes with parents putting them first.

Both parents playing an equal role in their lives via shared custody is preferred. Child support amounts are determined by strict calculations.

How much will I receive/have to pay for spousal support?

In California, there is no set formula for spousal support. It is based on the financial needs of one spouse and the ability to pay alimony for the other.

What property can I keep?

Spouses who brought assets into a marriage can keep them. Possessions purchased during the union are divided. Property division can become one of the most contentious aspects of a divorce. Mediation puts soon-to-be ex-spouses in control, as opposed to handing the decision-making over to a judge.

What if I want to modify/need to enforce my divorce agreement?

Certain circumstances require revisiting a divorce decree. Remarriage, layoff or a new job that changes financial arrangements could lead to modifications that reflect the current situation.

For spouses who are not living up to their part of the agreement, enforcement of custody or support may require court intervention.

Is a divorce action enough to end an abusive relationship?

No. Emergency orders are often needed to protect victims from domestic violence and abuse.

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