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Susan Kowalski is a skilled and experienced divorce attorney who will navigate you through a legally complex and emotionally charged process.

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Candid. Honest. Compassionate.

At the Law Offices of Susan L. Kowalski, CFLS, we are committed to providing the highest quality legal advice and ongoing support for our clients. When you walk through the door, our immediate goal is for you to leave feeling stronger and more confident than when you first arrived.

We empathize with what you are enduring when it comes to a life-changing divorce. Making important decisions during difficult times presents unique challenges. You need the help of an experienced family law specialist to aid in navigating this difficult period.

Representing Good People During The Worst Part Of Their Lives

For over 20 years, Susan Kowalski has taken a personalized approach to all of her cases. She is not a family law attorney who delegates to lesser-experienced associates, she handles all aspects and attends to every single detail. She remains at your side throughout every step of the process, helping you see the bigger picture.

Serving as a Jude Pro-Tempore in California for over 10 years has given Susan insight into how issues are viewed by the courts. As your attorney, she will educate you on a legal process that can be daunting, if not frightening.

You need that level of candor when so much is at stake. Whether we resolve your divorce through mediation or litigation, your best interests and those of your children are of paramount importance.

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